About Us

We are fully qualified advisers based in the Southampton and Hampshire area. We are able to assist and advise clients from all over the UK.  We provide a research, advice and recommendation service as well as building long term relationships with our clients.

Unlike some national mortgage brokers, we do not normally charge a client brokerage fee for our advice.

Lee is a Mortgage Consultant and has a wealth of experience. He has been working in the industry since 1997. In his career, Lee has worked for a number of large companies, such as Bradford and Bingley and Bristol and West. He prides himself on his long term customer service and relationships.

Christopher has been providing Mortgage and Financial Advice since 1997. He began his career with Britannic Assurance, before moving to Bradford and Bingley. Here he worked as an Independent Financial Adviser, before deciding to specialize in the Mortgage and Protection market.



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Complaints Handling Brochure


In the event of you feeling unhappy with our service and you feel the need to complain, this gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and improve our services for everybody.

For further information on how we can put things right, please click on the link above to see our complaint brochure.